Piece Unique: Heavy Platinum Genta with Meca-Quartz Movement and Hypnotizing Dial

Gerald Genta Platinum Chronograph, Mesmerizing Opal Dial, Mecaquartz


UNIQUE Octagonal watch from the designer of the most popular octo-watch, the AP Royal Oak -- Gerald Genta. One of a kind!

So somehow similar to APRO, but at the same time very different: this one is more unusual (piece unique!), more mesmerizing (mother of pearl sub-dial chapter rings), more hypnotic (opal stone dial), heavier (massive platinum case and bracelet, pt950 and in total ~180 grams), more vendome (lugs) and thus definitely much more interesting. And it is a piece unique that is not available in a second example anywhere in the world!

The movement is a interesting hybrid: quartz for timing and accuracy, combined with a mechanical chronograph. Very similar to complex meca-quartz movements done by JLC, ETA or Seiko this one is based on the excellent Piguet cal1270. These are the most complex quartz movements done and consist of approx 230 parts. Their advantages over fully mechanical chronographs is not only the higher accuracy but also these are more durable, easier and cheaper to maintain and more compact.

The platinum case and bracelet of this watch are of course more important on this watch. And this piece unique was worn just very carefully -- and is thus in very good condition, just the stone dial has some superficial micro fractures between 7 and 8 oˋclock. However, these are barely visible even under significant magification and even more these are not unusual for opal stones and the reason why they are mounted to a metal base plate -- so, the dial is of course stable and these superficial fractions are not changing.

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