Ladies Lapis Moon, Diamonds & Annual Calendar by Genta

Gerald Genta Octagonal Ladies Quantieme Annuel: Lapis Moon, Diamonds & Engraved Dial

CHF 8,000

An octagonal-shaped masterpiece for a lady that lines out once again Gentas genius: made in very low quantities this is an extremely complicated and lavish ladies watch with integrated bracelet, diamonds corona (and one bigger on the crown), a laborious engraved dial and a moon phase indicator made of lapis lazuli stone. Spectacular & definitely one of the most expensive watches money could buy, back then!

And the movement is not more ordinary than the outside: a quartz driven base is the guarantee for hassle free use and highest accuracy. On top of this the annual calendar function was designed in-house by Genta and works completely mechanical. JUST WOW!

The condition is almost perfect: Technical in all functions just perfect and optical the watch is in very good condition, too. The bracelet is without stretch or anomalies and fits a slightly more than 160mm wrist. However, we can provide this rare icon on a high quality strap -- in different colors and custom-made to the wrist of the new owner.

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