Whitegold Jumbo Gondole Ebel Pocket Watch

Ebel Whitegold Gondole Dress / Pocket Watch, like Cartier

CHF 4,500

The design of this jumbo gondole is unmistakable and similar to Cartier Paris Gondole -- no surprise as both brands were produced in West-Switzerland city of La-Chaux De Fonds (by the way, also home of Vulcain, Eberhard, Corum, Girard-Perregaux and others) in the Ebel manufacture.

The case was made by Joseph Erard SA manufacture in Le Noirmont, canton Jura. The popular Cartier Jumbo Paris Gondole not only shares the same dimensions and design but also the same heart: the same 17 jewels manual ASchild caliber is working in both icons.

Now, since these watches were seldom made in whitegold this is a very special and unusual watch. Rare and iconic.

The condition is probably unpolished and good to very good, although not un-worn.

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