Rare Cyma Time-O-Vox Alarm-Chronometer, 18K

Cyma Time-O-Vox CymaFlex Chronometre, Rare DeBethune-Lugs & 18K Memovox

CHF 4,000

JLC MemoVox is one thing but more special, more unusual and rarer is this Cyma: One of the most amazing single-barrel- and wonderful-sounding-alarm-watches -- the 1956 (approx) Cyma Alarm-Chronometer in the rare 18K yellowgold case with an amazing patinae. The watch is clean and the case without significant defects -- the dark spots are signs of age and oxidations on the gold and could be rubbed-off if wanted. We prefer it authentic and like that and leave this to the new owner. Serviced and working precise & fine in every aspect.

Setting instructions -- Timesetting: 1. Press in the upper button 2. Pull out the crown 3. Set the time 4. Push in the crown back in. Winding: 1. Press in the upper button 2. Wind the watch. Alarmsetting: 1. Press in the lower button 2. Set desired alarm time using the crown 3. Push the upper button until both buttons are in the middle position. Disengaging alarm: Press in lower button. Winding alarm: Wind the watch normally.

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