Rare EarlyQuartz: Bulova AccuQuartz, 18K

Bulova Hexagonal AccuQuartz: Rare & Gold DayDate

Hexagonal- / quartz-crystal-shaped 18K whitegold case with original integrated bracelet: the Bulova AccuQuartz -- the pioneering quartz-movement that works very similar to the Beta21 (C.E.H.: Omega, IWC, Patek, Rolex, Piaget, JLC, Rado, AP etc) and thus caused a lot of legal discussions between the C.E.H. and Bulova (Bulova was at the same time participant of C.E.H. as well) but in the end both approaches were different enough to be realized.

Very special and rare hexagonal (quartz-crystal-shaped) case and integrated bracelet in (probably unpolished) very good condition. How many of these were made is not known but I guess far less than 50. And even more unknown is how many of these made exactly 50 years ago survived until today -- important and endangered early quartz.

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