1961 Bulova Accutron Spaceview Alpha, Solid Gold

Bulova Early Accutron Spaceview Alpha, 1961 Historical


The tuning-fork pioneer. This 1961 Accutron Spaceview Alpha in 14K yellow gold is one of the first of this game-changing watch: a horological milestone, that debuted in late 1960 with the first examples being sold in early 1961. Bulova Accutron set unseen new standards of accuracy and paved the way for quartz watches (1969 following).

A bridge between mechanical and electronic watches and to our understanding the first electronic wristwatch. An icon and strike that turned the watch industry upside down. A legend and a beautiful and interesting appearance nevertheless: The sweep second moves 300 times a second (sweeeep), the crown is on the case back (symmetry) and the germanium-transistor in the big compartment at two o'clock shows the world: I am a horological milestone and I am now more than 60 years old (M1 date code on the case back).

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