Tuningfork Jumbo Ellipse: TronoSonic Baume & Mercier, Rare

Baume & Mercier Jumbo Ellipse TronoSonic: Rare Tuningfork

CHF 4,500

Amazingly aged (patinae) solid gold TronoSonic: The rare ref41001 in solid gold. We can assume that many of these heavy gold-cases were smelted in the last five decades -- what a horological loss and what a pitty -- and we are quite sure that B&M never made more than 100 of these in solid gold.

The blue dial mimics a Lapis Stone-dial but is lacquered.

Probably unpolished (sharp edges, patinae acquired in some decades and deep and untouched hallmark) and in excellent condition with an appealing patinae on the comparatively big and heavy 18K yellowgold case.

The B&M-buckle is connected to the heavy case by a custom-made dark-blue suede strap in Pilots-cut -- elongating the blue dial around the wrist.

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