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This is our stock, and yes, we are proud of it. To acquire something, please contact us -- either using the form, drop us an email or simply give us a call.

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You will receive an offer, binding for us -- not for you.

All prices shown include shipping and handling regardless of the destination but are exclusive taxes or customs, if any in your country -- please clarify with your tax advisor when in doubt, before placing an order.

All photos are taken from the actual watch and photos are not manipulated or filtered. We use a standard photo box + usual system camera and macro for studio photos and a lot of sunlight + a simple mobile phone camera for outside pictures and wristshots -- that's it.

There are many watches which you will NOT find in our stock. Yes, we accept all brands and so you will find most of them: We are agnostic in general and this holds true for watch brands, sure. But we select carefully the models of each brand that we add to our portfolio and most of them simply dont fit, for one reason or the other. So we end up with a carefully and very personally blended melange of (interesting) watches, where you might miss the most common ones -- besides Rolex Beta21 or Rolex Midas there will simply be no Rolex here, for example. Don't waste your time searching or asking -- we simply don't have any. This might change and you will be first who knows, when you subscribed to our newsletter.