Rare Vintage Watches as Investment

Sure and trivial: Always buy what you like and love -- this holds especially true for watches and we are always putting this first!

In a low to negative interest rate world, responsible investors are in need of alternative investment opportunities outside of the highly inter-correlated and vulnerable financial system, deformed by central bank planners and bureaucrats -- and these can still be found in the area of tangible assets, that are not directly tied to ultra-low discount rates and because of this not already heavily inflated.

In the area of tangible assets (property, art, cars, jewels, precious metals), watches stand out as they are one of the most important collectors market, have an intrinsic value and are very mobile by simply carrying them on your wrist when travelling from one place in the world to another -- unlike a property or car.

Why we like unusual, vintage precious metal watches made decades ago more than modern ones, is explained in our Philosophy. And we are sure that makes them not only highly interesting for the sophisticated collector looking for rare -- often completely hand-made -- pieces of art but also for the investor looking for limited supply tangible assets.

We are not only trading in fantastic and investment-worthy timepieces but also create and manage portfolios of such assets -- and if you want to know, how exactly this might be of help for your personal asset diversification, simply get in contact.