80s Quartz: Yuppie & Luxury

Thursday, May 23, 2024

We make "80s Quartz: Yuppie & Luxury" (#YuppieLuxury80sQuartz) a new category -- and for two reasons:

  • The development in quartz was so fast that approx 10y after the presentation of the first quartz-wristwatches (Seiko in 1969 & Beta21 in 1970) these electronic movements reached their peaks in both relevant dimensions: precision (Omega, Junghans, Citizen megahertz-movements) & miniaturisation (ETA Delirium Tres Mince)
  • And in parallel the gold-price was rising more or less steadily since 1970 (USD35) and reached more than USD800 in 1980 -- as well exactly 10y after the ignition: see details here.

These developments had more impact to watchmaking than anything else in the last 100y and lead to a special type of watch: thin, sporty and precise luxury quartzwatches or Yuppie-watches (Young Urban Professionals). Yes, watches changed from late 60s- and early 70s-gold-monoliths (remember the sheer size of the Beta21 movement for example) to slim and thin lightweights (comparatively) in gold and often steel-gold: combined with a thin and miniature but highly precise quartz-movement.

Indeed, a new type of watches for a new scene; a scene that was smart, sharp & precise somehow conservative and left the mechanical watches to the mecha-dogmatics, to the punks and hippies, to the "progressive" that were all fine being late three minutes or more.

See #YuppieLuxury80sQuartz here.

Ad 2024-05-23: And its just fair to add a category with perfect quartz-movements as we have the category #EarlyQuartz for some time already.