WatchBrothers Ra-Tourbillon: Ultra-Thin & Disruptive

Friday, April 26, 2024

Ben from WatchBrothers London made all the work necessary to create an interesting read about the horological milestone AP Ra-Tourbillon -- dont miss it, *klikk it.

Some (eg. MisterRolex aka Mr James Dowling, here: *klikk) say this self-winding highly complicated watch is one (the?) most disruptive watch of the last decades -- I cannot disagree seriously after reading Bens article.

Ad 2024-05-03: Obviously the most natural complication in horology (miniaturisation) is broadly back and in the center of attention again, yes. And for a reason: without it watchmaking is clockmaking, *klikk.

  • Photo: Ben, WatchbrothersLondon