The Greatest Ad of All Time -- Piaget, 1969

Friday, March 22, 2024

Abstract: This post is about the GAAT -- the Greatest Advertisement of All Time -- in my opinion.

Piaget is going forward and not only we break a stick for the beautiful, artisan-made and outstanding vintage watches whenever we can, but also this is something we expected and announced more than once -- see here: #MakePiagetGreatAgain. Nice and more to come.

And there is still a lot to discover: Piaget had its heydays in the late 1960s until the early 1990s, until Cartier / Richemont ate them -- they were best second to none in innovation, quality and trend-setting in horology. Patek, AP & VC were focusing on populating the second row and copying the trends set by Piaget during that era. The reasons for this success were for sure manyfold (quality, innovation, handling of circumstances etc) and we will point this out in a later posts, sure. But one reason was the advertisement for sure -- Piaget advertised boldly and with no fear. Their claim for the Piaget Polo was "The worlds most expensive watch." and you could imagine to see something like this even today. But the more clever and polarizing quote was another -- the one that cemented Piagets role as the undisputed numero uno in ladies-watches.

"Not All Women Are Worth This Watch"

Yes, something that was possible in 1969 but you will probably not find today anymore -- and even Piaget is shy of its history, cutting this quote from the copies of the original page.

It is polarizing but there is nothing but truth in it. Sure, it is directed to the man making his woman a present -- and it is the present for holding his hand in the rainy and stormy days back then until today. Excluding all the other girls. Sad but true. Sure, but how should it be a present for all women, instead of a very personalized gift for the one!? And so it is an ad that also hurts many women and that polarizes -- but that elevates the gift for the ONE even more.

Now, I leave it to the reader to figure out the difference to nowadays Piaget advertising.

Addendum 2024-03-22: The full text is...

Not all women are worth this watch.
Not all women could have loved you quite this way.
Not all women could have stood the wait to where you are,
nor would all women show such patience
now that you are there.

Thats why these watches,
they take a lot of giving,
but then you have had a lot of getting...

Tja, und so ist das eben: Patek Twenty-4 geht auch...
aber geiler is' schon.