#SameOrDifferent: Piaget vs AP Zebra

Friday, March 8, 2024

Same dimensions (25mm) and design-language (striped, rectangular bracelet) and both with two hands, powered by a small and hassle-free precise quartz-movement. Sure, the Polo was made by hand and in gold, exclusively while AP is the pioneer of selling steel for gold-price, since 1972 and their CNC-cut AP Royal Oak. So the AP Zebra comes in steel with small gold-accents while the model is made of white- & yellowgold.

The Polo arrived in 1979 and the AP was a copy in this sense, since its earlies examples can be dated to three years later or the early '80s. It's just one example that proves that Piaget was second-to-none in this era and pushed the holy trinity to the second row, trying to mimic the successful and era-defining icon.

Let us see if we get something quite similar (handwound, pls) presented by Piaget later this year: The Polo line as the old and new center-pillar of the brand -- round, rectangular, big, small, white-, bicolor- and yellowgold, with or without stone-dials and diamonds, brushed, polished or palace-decorated.

  • Photo of AP by Amsterdam Vintage Watches

Addendum 2024-03-31: The Piaget Polo was smelted in numbers -- not these days anymore but in the last +10y and also by very well known institutions / dealers, that would surprise you. The AP was never smelted for its gold-value and so we can assume it is still around in approximate numbers that it was made. The Polo: I would be surprised if more than 50% of the made examples are still existent. But thats a topic for a later blog-post.

Klar, Stahl-Gold geht auch...
aber geiler is' schon.