Piaget: Emperors Hidden Treasures, 1974

Friday, January 26, 2024

#SameOrDifferent: Piaget Hidden Treasures vs Asymmetric Emperor.

  • 1974 vs 2024;
  • beautiful vs beautiful;
  • CHF161'000 vs probably the same 50y ago;

1974, their 100th Anniversary Piaget made the shown whitegold asymmetric Ladies watch: ribbed with a elliptical-dial, heavy, sparkling and of highest quality.

It is to my knowledge the first appearance of this kind of asymmetric bracelet-watch and quite obvious it was the blueprint for the 2023 GPHG-awarded "Hidden Treasure" -- while the original has a tapering bracelet with all-different links (handmade!) the new version comes in a one-size-for-all machine-made links but its waiting with a beautiful Opal-stone-dial, that wins one heart or another for sure.