PP-Pathology: Beta21 in Museum

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

At least until last year Patek had not an important 1970 - 1972 Beta21 ref3587 in their museum, but just two examples of the horological irrelevant -- although similar beautiful -- 1973ff. successor ref3597, that was more than technologically outdated upon its arrival 50 years ago, already.

To show such a watch with an Omega-made Beta22-movement as the artefact for Pateks participation in this important historical era is a bit funny and we leave it to the reader whether it says something about the importance of these details to the brand at all or just the view on quartz of the museum curator.

Now, there was a nice example of the important ref3587 Patek for sale in Geneva lately and I am wondering if it finds its way into the Patek-museum to strengthen the exhibition in that aspect a bit.