What to Present a Man...

Friday, December 15, 2023

What to present a man, who already has everything? Yes, indeed this is a common question these days and was such already 60 years ago. And Hans Wilsdorfs (Rolex) answer to it was the Rolex Midas Series: A watch for him, a watch for his wife and one for his mistress.

To give him a common Rolex? Ouh, no! How dare you!? Please, something special and unusual.

The original advertisement from 1962 leaves no room for interpretation.

It shows clearly the 200g weighting King Midas (notabene: without KING MIDAS engraving on the flank, see our earlier articles), the same weight, 200g Queen Midas and the 150g Princess Midas -- of course, the Queen would never accept if his Mistress is getting the same mass of gold as she got.