#SameOrDifferent: Cartier vs Piaget, pt 2

Monday, December 4, 2023

This is our series: Same or Different. Understanding Things by Comparing as Everything is Relative

Once again both brands compared in just one aspect / watch -- but there is so much more: stuff for the months ahead.

The beautiful tri-color tank ref9057 (blue dial and white- & yellowgold case) was made by Piaget in 1968 running on its in-house cal9P. Cartier was not amused, as its tank-shaped watches look a little... lets say lame, compared to this high quality exalted timepiece by the competitor. And Cartier does not like that: The Tank is probably one of the most important watches of Cartier and being Out-Tanked by the competition is not funny.

And so Cartier ordered this watch from Piaget -- as Cartier does not make the case nor the movement they ordered both from Piaget and so a Piaget cal9P was used for this "Cartier"-tank as well. Just, Piaget didnt deliver its signature-dial with the 3D-deep-effect, that is created by 12 different, precisely hand-cut, -finished and -applied indexes at their exact position. That was a signature that was solely used for Piaget and so Cartier had to use a Lapis-Lazuli stone-dial -- that was created by Piaget as well, of course...

Just, the print was probably made by Cartier. All else was produced in-house in 1969 for Cartier by Piaget.

Today both pieces are on the market: The Piaget Original in our stock and the Cartier is on offer also -- lets see how it goes.

#MarketInefficiencies or Fair?

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Ad 2023-12-14: The Cartier variant -- also a rare, beautiful and interesting watch for sure -- was sold by Sothebys for approx CHF20'000 earlier this week.