King & Queen... and Mistress Midas?

Friday, November 24, 2023

That the Rolex Midas-Series is probably the best planned and orchestrated project in the vintage oeuvre of the brand was outlined in earlier post by us, already (*klikk). Yes, and reason is probably it was the last and no-costs-sparred project of Wilsdorf, Hans but we leave these details for the experts and sleepy high-priests of Rolex-History -- if they take a look at this watch... ;-)

OK, the question to answer in this post: Why there is a Princess Midas? It was made in 1961 - 1963, so in the same time the Curvy Queen was made but probably in even less examples. While we expect the original (curvy 200grams) Queen to be made in approx 30pcs, we think the Princess (curvy 150grams) was made in less than 20pcs. It is smaller than the Queen but why was it offered at all? It is not for the daughter -- this would require a male equivalent, like a Prince Midas. But there is no such. So why the Princess? I think the reason is obvious: While the King Midas was for him and the Queen Midas was for his wife, the Princess Midas was dedicated to his Mistress. For the lady he loves but is not married to.

And even more when it is seen as the Rolex to be given and gifted and with innuendo to the giver being the god of joy and fertility in the greek mythos. No doubt: It is the Mistress (Princess) Midas.

The photo shows King Midas on top, Queen Midas sub left and Mistress Midas (Princess) sub right -- all 1962.