Piaget: Kingfisher in a Golden Cage

Friday, May 12, 2023

The Piaget 9150 D93 cuffwatch (made in 1970 according to our books) is an amazing piece: it is the epitome of goldwatches, the peak-goldsmith. A level of artisan-work that was not reached again in the last five decades and eventually will never be reached again. It is the definition of an integrated bracelet with a valuable weight but optically a lightweight. Indeed, a lingerie-watch, that shows more than it hides and opens up the mind of the observer: frames him to his own imagination.

The slightly imperfect and foggy turqoise-dial speaks with one tongue to the perfectly aged gold. It simply does not get any better and even though Piaget would make something similar today it would take some decades for the golden cage to age: Eisvogel.

Here it is, at Sothebys.