Omega Constellation Manhattan

Monday, April 17, 2023

The now 40+ years old but still modern and steadily updated center-pillar of the brand Omega: Constellation Manhattan. Unmistakable, sporty yet elegant and well to wear on tennis court and dinner table. A watch that aged -- in a sense of developed -- but neither get old nor changed to unrecognizableness: The Omega Manhattan.

This watch has the same role for Omega as has the Royal Oak for AP or the Nautilus for Patek -- neither brand is definable in its actual position without these. The Omega Manhattan was designed in 1981 by Carol Didisheim (or Gerald Genta -- the information on this differ and we will not judge here) and came in different styles and materials: steel to get the feet wet and as an entry-level variant, bicolor steel-gold to make a more accentuated impression and gold for the shiny happy people -- with the top-model paved with superb-quality diamonds for the extra sparkling. Regardless of the exact design and material: Characteristic Manhattan.