#SameOrDifferent: Patek vs Movado, 1940s

Monday, March 20, 2023

This is our series: Same or Different. Something we all know from comparing time to space but this time it's more hidden.

Similar design: similar shaped case with hidden lugs, similar quality movement and beautiful and mesmerizing small second but different brands and different price tags and surprisingly a different quality of the watch-case, that you would not expect: Patek Philippe ref1486 made in a 750/1'000 yellow gold case by the artisans Borgel and the something more special, higher quality (!sic) and 950/1'000 platinum case made by the for sure not less qualified artisans at Wenger (Key: 1) for Movado. Two similar 1940s icons with some differences -- some obvious, some surprising.

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