King of Rock'n'Rolls King of Rolex -- Elvis Presleys Number

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

We all know it is not for sale and safely stored in the Elvis Presley Museum, Graceland -- the King of Rock'n'Rolls King of Rolex: His King Midas ref9630. Here and there (see Ad 2.) it is written that he owned (was gifted) the serial number 343 -- and I think this is obviously incorrect when we take a detailed look at the engraved number. Sure, the 1 has a very long hook but as the watch is unpolished and the engraving deep and crisp, there is no doubt it is instead the serial number 313 that he owned.

Another Midas Myth clarified ;-) And another proof: Don't believe what is written in the internet in obscure blogs coming for free... ;-)

Ad 1.) I was told the misunderstanding could arise from the assumption, that the serial number 313 ("343") was engraved in the United States, where one would expect just a single line, without hook. And as it comes with such a long hook it is mistaken as a four -- but of course the Midas-series serial number was engraved in Switzerland, Geneva by Rolex. Different story with the personal engraving on the case back of course, that might have been done in the USA. And so another thing learnt: Always be careful what is told from someone using an obscure type of writing a date (months first) and Anglo-American imperial units of length... he might write more things in an unusual way. ;-)

Ad 2.) Here is a quick list of 343s: