Is it good Gelato / Ice Cream?

Saturday, July 23, 2022

For a given reason: the question appears now more often than 6 months ago and probably in another 6 months -- what makes and how you can find good ice cream?

Well, we are certainly no expert in this field and so we leave the question "How to make good ice cream?" to the Eismeister but to find out if the ice cream IS a good gelato we have a principle: buy a scoop and let it smelt -- thats a quick thing right now but could take longer in winter, yes. However, then try the smelted liquid... in at least 7 of 10 tests I expect you will find it much too sweet, right? And this is it: Most ice cream is not yet tasty but much too sweet and hopeless over-sweetened like a pastell-colored Barbie scene. Why? We dont know for sure but probably because someone thinks ice cream should be like that: Like a afternoon shopping-trip with Barbie & Ken -- just sweet.

But we think this is a major fail! The only reason why we dont recognize the over-massive amount of sugar and sweeteners when it is frozen is because the cold stunned the taste-buds. Make Ice Cream Tasty Again! Dont misunderstand: I am happy if it tastes sweet, yes. But in reasonable grades.

Ad 1.) There is another test, that doesnt waste a ball of ice cream: Eat four balls of the same ice cream in a row -- when you are hungry for a fifth and sixth, then it is excellent gelato: Not too sweet and not too creamy / fat. Enjoy!