It is #PiagetWeek

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Yes, definitely a brand that has a rich history with a long list of innovations and even longer list of brave and iconic and beautiful watches. Their ladies watches are feminine and extravagant, their Polo line is just a classic, the two Beta21 are work of a genius and brave brand: one without date, indexes and secondshand -- the most precise watch of this time just shows no second. The chuzpe of Piaget. Yes, and the cal9P is of beauty and reliability as is their 12P caliber and the cal20P is still a legend. Their collaborations with stars from Andy Warhol to Gina Lollobrigida and Liz Taylor make the brand from La-Cote-Aux-Fees, Switzerland cosmopolite as their CEO Yves Piaget. This is definitely a shortened description but the variety of this brand and the unusual watches they made and still make, justifies we devote a full week to it -- see here what we can offer right now: Our Piaget Stock.

So it's #PiagetWeek, it's Sooo Piaget! #soooPiaget