Booming 2021 Ahead!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Well, lets face it, 2020 is more or less done and for the most of us this will not be remembered as one of the best years: stress because of immense changes in the game-rules, insecurity, economic disturbances, travel restrictions or even worse things -- and, yes, we are not yet finished for 2020.

Anyway, we are extremely optimistic for the coming months in 2021. The virus topic will leave the stage by March and the sun will start shining again. The world was flooded with liquidity in the last years and there are good reasons to assume, the year change does not mark the end of this flood. This plus significant progress in many technological fields, serious economic development in many parts of the world and low interest rates made asset prices move north significantly, and as we all know: asset prices determine economic activity -- not the other way around. And all this will result in exciting growth rates that might surprise the one or the other in 2021. The steady and generally rising prices might be a disturbing aspect, yes but hey, we cannot have everything.

Now, lets make the best of the last three weeks in 2020, enjoy the time with your loved ones and then we go full throttle ahead in Booming 2021!