Horological Milestones: Electronic Watches, pt 8/8

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A horological milestone each day:

We have seen a tendency from purely mechanical watch-movements to electronic ones, with Accutron and Beta21 bridging both world like a lungfish or a coelacanth -- transcendent.

Now in 1987 a movement appears that takes the step back -- from electronic movements, that have reached perfection in less than 20 years, back to mechanics: The Jaeger LeCoultre cal630 MecaQuartz. A caliber that is made of more than 230 parts and is a quartz controlled mechanical chronograph, that is used for so many iconic watches: IWC, JLC, Cartier etc. A milestone!

The watch shown is a limited edition JLC Odysseus: A MecaQuartz movement below a meteorite dial in a tantalum case.