Beta21 -- How Many Omega?

Sunday, August 2, 2020

In total 6'000 Beta21 movements were made by C.E.H. and distributed according to a pre-defined share between participants. Now, how many were made for Omega?

As Omega was the by far biggest contributor to the joint venture project Beta21, they received the most of the total made 6'000 movements: 2'000. These were marked caliber 1'300 ElectroQuartz and split between the Omega Pupitre case reference 196.005 in steel (majority) and solid gold cases (less than 400 according to our research and thus far rarer than Rolex reference 5100 Texano).

As is widely known, the 2'000 pieces sold 1970 almost immediately -- although they were four times (steel version) or even more than 12 times as costly as the flagship chronograph made by Omega during that era, the Speedmaster Moonwatch.

After these limited numbers had been delivered to the most important customers and Omega ran out of movements, they switched to Beta22 (slightly modified movement) and further produced the ElectroQuartz until end of 70s to satisfy demand of customers that missed the early and limited edition. Of course this caliber 1301 and 1302 (Beta22) was produced in much higher quantities and in four different cases / references -- all similiar beautiful but horological irrelevant.

Now, this watch was released approx 50 years ago. In these five decades probably a bigger portion of the overall produced horological relevant timepieces were smelted than of any other watch. And that makes a real Beta21 Omega (first batch with all attributes) in solid gold today rarer than a Rolex Beta21 and even a Patek Beta21.