Mind Change & Liquidity Spree

Friday, July 3, 2020

Yes, as anticipated months ago prices for watches move seriously upward. Not only several records were made in last transactions but a broad rising interest and thus prices were visible.

What exactly is rising? Yes, especially rare and unusual pieces -- especially in very good condition. While the commodity watch is not more sought than it was before, the taste and value you can buy off-road / aside from the beaten tracks becomes visible to many more collectors and aficionados: characteristic hand-made pieces existent in double or triple digit numbers only as well as pieces unique for the price of a lame and boring steel and machine made commodity watch bought from your local AD.

So basically it translates to a search of exclusivity and rarity vs usualness and boredom.

Next to this mind-change of market participants we see prices rising in almost every other market, too: billions pumped into economies that were put into artificial coma -- what do you expect? As someone put it: "Too much money chasing too few goods." And it seems like this policy will go on, unfortunately.