Very Rare High Class Men Size Diamond-Set VC Harmony

Vacheron Constantin Harmony, Full Original Diamond Set, VC Serviced & Rare

CHF 22,000
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Designed in 1979 by Daryoush Shafa with a diameter of 23mm for men and 19mm for women this is an exceptional balanced watch that wears as comfortable as a well done bracelet.

This offer is the men size model of this vintage and discontinued Vacheron Harmony in full 18K yellow gold -- 23mm in diameter, measured without crown. It was produced 1983 as stated by the included Extract from the Archives of Vacheron.

A very rare top-model fully and original set with hundreds of diamonds -- case and bracelet, fully stuffed. The watch is beautiful somehow extravagant and in almost perfect condition, without damages. It will be delivered with original VC service box and service papers, stating it was serviced by VC manufacture in Geneva in 2017.

Diamonds are sparkling and the appearance is breath-taking. A wonderful watch for the sunny days -- #summerwatch.

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